Bot Wars

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The Bot Wars were not in fact a series of conflicts, but a massive attack by hordes of hostile robots, chief among them the Sembush, on the day of Thursday, April 20th, 2017 (2430, by the Faelish calendar). The response was to shut down all electrionic and mechanical systems on the Faelish Isles, thus rendering said islands invisible to anything other than a supposition that they were still "there".

During this brief period scientists could find no record of the islands or their inhabitants. To date, no one has any recollection of the event; yet when the lights came back on, all the clocks had moved forward by approximately 13 hours; indicating the conflict lasted roughly a half a day.

Thanks to the efforts of a certain ____, a massive linguistic barrier was erected beyond which the bots were unable to penetrate the island. It is supposed that the invaders are still "out there" (they are not visible to human eyes), i.e. in the surrounding sea, but have been essentially neutralized.