Crown Vassal

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Political map showing Crown Vassals of Ríocht Fíl.

The Crown Vassals (Faelish: Deins) refers to the "counties" of Faeland (the Kingdom of Faeland) and, collectively, to the nobility and politicians who directly administer or rule said regions (cf. ). This article concerns the administrative divisions and not the latter.

The regions are areas used for the purposes of administrative, geographical and political demarcation. For administrative purposes, lands outside the Commons are divided into 76 counties. The counties may consist of a single district or be divided into several districts. Eight of the counties, covering the major conurbations, are known as metropolitans, which do not have county government, although some functions are organized on a county-wide basis by the lower-tier districts (or metropolitan boroughs) acting jointly.

The current arrangement is the result of reform. Many of the counties have their origins in the Middle Ages, although some of the counties have lost many or all of their historic attributes centuries ago. The counties which existed before the local government reforms of 1971 are referred to as ancient counties or historic counties. From 1974 areas with county government dwarfed by urban government were merged, which included larger cities and included divisions of some geographic counties. In some cases, historic counties merged with city governments to become metropolitans (e.g. Norflew and Kingston, where others were created new where no historical "county" had ever existed historically (e.g. Tragh).

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