Dnomla Island

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Excavated remains of divine palace on Dnomla.

Dnomla Island is an "island" in Lake Athlóa connected by land bridge to the shore.

When adjusting his overlay and spreading out a map for me, a cartographer answered this when I asked him how he knew the correct dimensions: "Central island is at the coordinates that everyone regards as "here". So I center the island over the coordinates and move everything out accordingly to a determined scale." He continued: "There is a very ancient story that if the island ever moved, the people on one coast, cities and all, would find themselves suddenly over empty sea. And on the other side, fishing villages clinging to cliffs against the waves likewise would find themselves surrounded by stone, frozen in the hearts of mountains." I thought about this, how the island, if disturbed, as some sacred place, could make its surroundings account for any disrespect. And woe to the humans living through that shift. Minutes later he said casually: "That explains earthquakes." wrote the diarist in his notes, dated 10 Oct 1971 (trans 1973).