Emetïl Darqot

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Emetïl Darqot (1933 - 1996) was a Faelish novelist and -as he said " "poet" " (quotes indicate that he placed quotes around his claim)- from Fholscia in western Faeland. His mother was a Fael and met his father, -a US Sailor- while he was stationed at King's Cape of Storms in the 1930s. He spent most of his childhood in the Plaisian Mountains, after which he left home to live on "a rain-socked island in the Galweal" (xxxx). He said the isolation and surrounding sea helped him write as he had a desperate need to be at sea/sailing, which he could not satisfy due to an extraordinary fear of sharks. He never learned to swim, therefore, and chose the isolated island life to trick his mind into quietude which allowed him to focus on his books.

He is most famous for his first novel, published at 21 years old, entitled "An Island Inside-Out".