Faeland in World War II

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The historic episode of Faeland in World War II is a synecdoche for the timeline of the British Empire’s overall global collapse and its subtle and crafty replacement by today’s American Empire, as those events played out in Fáel, which was then by part and in part a British possession, and how the native Faelish concluded the affair of foreign imperialism finally by ousting non-national (i.e. "colonial") interests.

Mournfully, the period cannot be understood fully without a sense of the military realities that drove the upward process of American imperialism's brief moment in Faeland -namely the Gasoline War (or "Second World War")-precisely at the moment when Britain's presence was creating a dust cloud following the exodus of corporeal presence which screened a vacuum of colonial power to be had on the cheap. Or so the story appears, in the great international scandal that was Faeland's involvement in World War II (hereinafter, by Faelish convention, referred to as the Gasoline War).