Fhendiac Escarpment

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The Fhendiac Escarpment (also called the Valedonian Bluffs), which edges the Vincennes Basin, is a major geological formation along the eastern face of the Teraba Range. While it lies predominantly within the borders of Lito, in the north it projects westward into the Kingdom of Faeland, forming a natural divide between the two states. In the south it forms a short spur into Valaduria.

Various names are applied to different stretches of the escarpment. Most geologists, however, recognize only the north/south division. The most well-known is the northern section, named "The Carracks" (specifically Mt. Elyse and the Chofer Plateau) by 16th-century English sailors, while the southern section -originally called Fhendiac by Basque whalers (possibly a corruption of mendiak, or mountain)- is the source of the escarpment's name. To avoid confusion with the whole of which it is a part, the southern section is usually referred to as the "South Fhendiac".