Gaól Plain

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The Gaól Plain.

The Gaól Plain is a low-lying alluvial plain with wide, sandy beaches, sliced by five rivers which drain into the Xhornia Bay, a part of the Mor Andidh. The foothills of the Vecoian Range are to the northeast and the towering Mt. Cernat dominates the north-northwest. The Plaisian Mountains form its eastern barrier. The coast begins at Cape West and stretches for 60 miles from north to south until the ___ Peninsula, and continuing southwest at an obtuse angle for another 50 miles to the ____ Peninsula. This area, once swampy and malarial, was reclaimed over the centuries for habitation and cultivation. It has been inhabited since paleolithic times and possesses some of the earliest remains of civilization in Faeland.

Equestrian exercises at the foothills of the Vecoians, Gaól Plain.