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Hanover, looking toward the island of Saladore.

The city of Hanover is located in southwest Lito, near the border with Valaduria. The city was founded in 1782 by Loyalists from the formerly British-held 13 Colonies. The city was named for the House of Hanover, ruling the United Kingdom at the time. Located in The Shore, the city nevertheless is very distinct from its neighbors, and indeed from the rest of the country, in that since its founding it has retained many customs and dialects of its founders.

Despite its originally Loyalist sentiments, the town has always been opposed to assimilation with any of the resident cultures, including the very English culture of Lito (partially due to its proximity to Valaduria).

"The ocean spray pastes Hanover with a measurable efflux time comparable to the hail of bullets from the Warsaw uprising. For this reason at cafes most will lower their convertible-top automobiles rather than risk damage to the paint. Conical pickelhauben are the norm when driving, and to avoid the spray most leave the engines running so as to speed up moving said vehicles should an errant wave come crashing. Upon my visit, a scone courier laid down his bicycle and moved a car. The owner came out of the cafe and believed the vehicle stolen. The courier handed him the keys and told him, "Your gas tank is around the corner." The courier opined that cars were no more than mobile-bombs with jump seats," wrote the poet in his diary, dated 19 Feb 1951 (trans 1973).