Hydrology of Faeland

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Fig. 39 Hydrology of Faeland, plus lakes and canals
Fig. 40 LiDAR scan river and lake systems.

The hydrology of Faeland is characterized by Faeland's position in the middle of the ocean and an internal topography which is nearly 90% mountains or hills. Nearly all parts of the country have some outflow (i.e. very few endorheic basins). There are approximately 348 trunk ("main stem") rivers draining into the Atlantic and 909 main tributaries and 1,045 3rd degree or higher affluents.

The annual water balance of the country shows a surplus. Yearly about 100 km3 (3.5×1012 cu ft) of water drains from the country Into the Atlantic. From that, precipitation accounts for nearly 85%, the rest being provided by subterranean springs and water tables.





Swamps and marshes

Underground water