Mor Andidh

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Mor Andidh (from Old Faelish "mür", sea, wall, or limit, and "andidh", from the negative conditional of "to speak") is a sea located to the west-southwest of the island of Faeland. Often rendered "Unspoken Sea" in English, but usually referred to by locals as "The Mores" or —more affectionately— "the Chuck Tank" due to the choppy waters created by the Rennell Current's flow against the rocky southwestern coasts of Faeland island. The sea's navigational limits are Cape West in the north and Cape of Storms in the south. Major component bodies of water are -from north to south- the Aroëse Gulf, the Xhorna Bay, Victoria Bight, the Three Waters and the Agrion Sea. The western limit of the sea is imagined as a straight line from Kvaløya Island to Eris, of the Orwel Isles.

The plural number of the colloquial "Mores" suggests a long tradition of perceiving the sea as separate but connected bodies of water, each with unique characteristics which are to respected if navigation is to be successful in the unusually choppy waters.

Major rivers which empty into The Mores include: