Mountains of Faeland

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The Mountains of Faeland cover approximately 80 percent of the country’s land area. Broadly speaking there are three major mountain systems in the Faelish Archipelago, which are the Rhomines, the Fhendiac Escarpment, and the Aemili Mountains. Separate smaller systems which are geologically distinct skirt the major ranges.

Mountain Ranges of Faeland
Systems Area coverage (%) Sub-Systems (highest point) Peripheral Ranges
Rhomines 45 Lennoiain (Mt. Tararat 3820m) Hesionic (Mt. Fierro 2101m)
Almuhr Highlands (Mt. Almuhr 2332m)
Vecoain (Mt. Remhora 4712m) Aoláin Foothills
Çernazh Foothills (Mt. Cernat 3011)
Collian () Agriones (Mt. St James 2352m)
Colhani (Mt. Axatlan 2003m)
Paedine Hills
Plaisian 5 Arxion Mountains Varnese Fores
Fhendiac Escarpment 20 Fiorian (Mt. Arx 2035m)
Teraba Range (Mt. Vignoles 3704m) Mt. Laurent (3011m)
Mt. Elyse (4102m)
Chofer Plateau
Aemili 20 Rubri
Xhulii (Mt. Mamercio 1012m)
Ła Vassa System 10 Colhi Xhiaxri
Colhi Plathiani
Colhi Achone