Order of the Valonī

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The Order of the Valonī is a hereditary lineage organization with branches in the several Member States, whose headquarters are in the Ríocht Fíl. Founded in 1983 to preserve the ideals and fellowship of the officers of the Insular Column who served in the second Civil War. Now in its fourth decade, the Order promotes interest in the "tuning" of Faelish society through its library, radio programs, publishing house, and other mediated activities. As a royalist fraternity, its natural counterpoint is the "Filjos de '51" (Sons of '51), a similar organization for the republican veterans of the war. The two work closely together on projects, the former in Fíl, and the latter in Valaduria (their mutually agreed territories).


Grand Master

The serving Prime Minister of Ríocht Fíl is the Grand Master of the Order of the Valonī. The role is largely ceremonial and most administrative duties fall on the Sovereign Masters.

Sovereign Masters

The next-most senior members of the Order are the Sovereign Masters, of which there have been seven since the establishment of the order. At any time there are two masters, one senior and one junior.

Current Sovereign Masters:

Past Masters: