Paołu Čínre

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Fig 111 Paołu Čínre with his "pacesetter".

Paołu Čínre (Paul Branch) (December 1, 1869 – November 17, 1926) was a Faelish-born futurist and poet who relocated to Çilvhare. During his lifetime he was celebrated around the Mar Qies as one of the great dirigible pilots, although he never gained equivalent success as a writer. Frank Ballast criticized his poetry saying that "...(it) only goes to show how useless poems are in the industrial world. His poems go backwards in a world racing forward. Plus he sucks."

Although born in the Ríocht Fíl, he wrote in Vhallonese as his family spoke English at home, not Faelish.



should my chest be rent open,
no blood, no sweetmeats but
a scene, a warmed heartland
whose red velvet curtains my ribs
held open by these hands frame
a shadowy piedmont freshly illuminated.
And though there be a basalt cone
at heart, the mount possesses that
preternatural power to collect
the warmth of your light
-a private sun mine- You,
who melt my ices to feed
swollen rivers which water
the great plains of my imagination
and therefore my contentment.

Far above... in head stormy bracing
a mind clouded by Dervish thoughts,
all of them unruly as steppe horses
and fickle mobs, yet circling the
gray-ringed tranquil eye of the storm
which is my You, my Star,
ascendant below in my breast.

Doubtless, I know, it is
an entire universe. But,
contained as it is in
Such a human package,
the Container blushes,
lest it appear
a madman's diorama.