Rape of the Insides

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The Rape of the Insides were a series of armed conflicts that took place in Lito from the late 1850s to 1900 between the colonial government and allied Anglo-Faels on one side and Faels and Faelish-allied Valadurians on the other. They were previously commonly referred to as the Tree Wars or the Valanian Wars while Faelish language names for the conflicts included _____ ("the great Shore wars") and _________ ("the white man's greeding").

Though the wars were initially localized conflicts triggered by tensions over disputed land purchases, they escalated dramatically from 1860 as the government actively pursued industrial-scale economic exploitation of the interior. Convinced it was facing united resistance to further land sales and a refusal to acknowledge crown suzerainty, the colonial government summoned thousands of British troops to mount major campaigns to overpower the movement and also acquire timbering and residential land for British settlers. Later campaigns were aimed at quashing the so-called Langolm Movement, an extremist part of the local Vianitá religion which was strongly opposed to the alienation of Faels from the land and eager to strengthen indigenous identity.