Severus Bałboa

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Severus Bałboa, early 20th century Falcens poet; pictured in Life magazine, March 1931.

Severus Francisco Bałboa (24 August 1881 – 15 February 1978), known simply as Bałboa, was a Sannemhorese poet who also wrote short-stories and essays. He was born in Sânts-Nemhora. His work embraces the essence of image and "irreality" in literature. His most famous books are compilations of short stories interconnected by common themes such as dreams, labyrinths, libraries, mirrors, animals, fictional writers, philosophy, religion and history. His works have contributed to philosophy and also to both the fantasy and magical realism genres. Scholars have also suggested that Bałboa's progressive blindness helped him to create innovative literary symbols through his imagination. His later poems read almost as dialogue with himself or such philosophical figures as Nietzsche, Sartre, Aristotle and also past poets such as Catullus and Horace.



Falcens English

Valaniam existit in corde meo.
Amo in locis imagines video.
Mihi quidem numquam illis locis. Ego iustus spectas photo et dices "Suus 'ibi!"
Et sicut magica est.
Ita. Quomodo verum sit?
Sentio .... Ego sentire amoris. Vos potestis improbare quod amor sit reali ad me?
Si non potes implere probatione vel refellere ex hoc non potest poni causa affectus.
Quod est individuale. Et sic, sicut sentire,
amet, consistere me
Certus sum.
Et ideo, patria mea iacet in me,
et dilectus meus praeterea,
in ea ego.

Faeland exists in my heart.
I can see it in photos of places I love.
Even if I’ve never been to those places. I just look at the photo and say “it’s there!”
And like magic it is.
So. How can that not be real?
I feel it….I feel love. Can you disprove that love is real to me?
And if you cannot ever satisfy proof, then by reason I can assume you cannot prove or disprove feeling.
It is individual. And so as feeling,
and love, stand in me,
I am certain.
And therefore my country lies in me,
and my beloved beside,
in her am I.