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should find something similar to ^ above to account for [[Brezexh Peninsula]]
=== most remote islets ===
=== most remote islets ===

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getting started:



Mountain of the "Temporians" (rename). they feature in a sci fi novel by a faelish author in which a plague kills off mankind leaving only 753 survivors, who must repopulate not only the island but, presumably, the world. offshore communication is gone, and it is completely unknown whether or not the world at large needs help.

coastal regions/cliffs


could very well apply to lito

names of coasts/regions

voador (flying coast)

theres also a second riviera at the coastal border of valaduria/riocht


good photos:


islands to add

also there should be a List of Islands of Faeland

  • Kohlmerc Island - It is said here that the sailors die every night as the sea loses definition and return in the morning new men, having borne the anguish of land just out of reach

added off peninsula of Dhiall --God 20:32, 28 December 2015 (EST)

  • san izlan

added off peninsula of Falcatta --God 20:34, 28 December 2015 (EST)

renamed to san izlan and relocated tooo......inbside marquies sea --God 19:43, 29 December 2015 (EST)

meanwhile created san simmacho as now tomolo off visentine coast https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bijia_Mountain

should find something similar to ^ above to account for Brezexh Peninsula

most remote islets




https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skellig_Islands (for images for use in orwel isles)

tomolar islands


Should also craete an overview page "Waters of Faeland"


possible renames:

new names:

the sea in pentapoli:

  • Baite
  • (drowned, lost, submerged, flooded)


  • Norman Lakes




Terse should be noted for being the "emerging new world" of the atlantic, rising from seeming nothing out of the atlantic at the upper ridge section. a new ...new race of people.


new aixs river is the rubra. fix it. and the mountain range thus is the Remei/Rimoyne (Fallo/English)

Faeland rubra river.png

river names


how rivers should look


fall lines

"Before navigation improvements such as locks, the fall line was generally the head of navigation on rivers due to their rapids or waterfalls, and the necessary portage around them. The Great Falls of the Potomac River is one example. Because of the commercial traffic, required labor and availability of water power to operate mills, numerous cities were founded at the intersection of rivers and the fall line. U.S. Route 1 links many of the fall line cities."



moved to Category talk:Mountains --chullachaqui 14:03, 6 July 2016 (EDT)

crater lake somewhere, note especially religious significance:


cities to be added (country?)

phalerum, town in faeland (Symposion)

see also Category:Cities Talk page

devil's pupil

Faeland Dhiall.png

the name of the island spur in cty clare in dhiall. the water forms an eye around it. plus his pupil is like student...


geological history


"The Great Fault" separating north and sout hhalves of the island

to start: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Variscan_orogeny

this will serve as the gelogic origin of the island, the sliding of the plates

more info:



more properly are these:



great eruption in past to create Home Islands





also, the great eruption that creted the atlantean era should be based on the overlapping three calderas of prehistoric faeland. now only hot springs or fumarole type things exist. like a tame iceland. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Santorini_caldera https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minoan_eruption

but written from a higher persepctive as...



Morelian Fault

Dividing Fault

The Tine (this is a ward of New Norwich btw)

Giumar Trench

Guimar Depression


Valanian Trench


word meaning "eruption/birth/beginning/end"


the divide into the "Great Harbor"*



  • see Faeland 2.ai


Marquies Sea, from a corrupted translation from the latin: Mare Quies - The Calm Sea √ ^ it's name in Vallo, and then its Faelish name:

Mor Vhunol (Inner Sea) √ - change on maps

inner sea? inside sea?

Also known as greatvalandsfjord by norse

great faelish plain

aboriginal name: Xečmara?


the Lower Highlands

on the new map, this is the highlands south of the dividing fault (interesting, "Dividing Fault", hmmm)



sea routes


inspiration sources

good photos of mountain country, and hilly plains - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slovenia#Natural_regions

an ancient cave dwelling somewhere on a coast:



need names for:

  • Xhlavonian?
  • Falxian (Drevhnian? For the Drepani....perhaps use an exonym that a neighboring people used for the Halbin. OR use Halbin.....Albin? Source of the name????? Ohhh. mm Drevoni)
  • Cape Finnimund's attached peninsula...
  • the northern and southern branches of Xhlavonian
  • Dunhvo

and maybe


saramago effect / drift of the island over time

attested and recorded positions over time

Saramago Effect for saramago effect: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plate_tectonics

in early period the island was connected by breton land bridge hence earliest peoples/ by the neolithic the islan was already separate

positions it has been attested over time:

origins: 53° 35' 41", -020° 05' 51"

porcupine bank (BCE/CE) ancient celtic irish sources note its appearance (approx. 51.535047, -14.346816)

bay of biscay (classical period to middle ages) - roman attestation (approx. 47.944957, -9.514331)

slight drift west to where rennell current splits off north atlantic drift by approx 16th cent

49° 11′ 24″ N, 25° 40′ 32″ W (most of last 500 years)

volcanic event location

coincidental with volcanic activity in 1865 @ 38.75°N/38.08°W (ref: https://www.volcanodiscovery.com/39-38-unnamed.html) "On July 6, 1865, the crew of a Faelish fishing schooner observed a submarine eruption. Floating pumice reached the sea surface, where it formed a large "floating mountain." A strong odor of sulfur was noticed, and dull rumblings were heard at intervals of one hour." The isles began to drift to:

36° 51′ 2.16″ N, 52° 42′ 45″ W (current loc.)

settling in approx 1900CE

position / long. lat.

New Bonaventure appears to be at the latitude(or closest town to it) of valania:


My geohack spot:


the island has once again shifted dramatically:

36° 51' 2.16" N 52° 42' 26" W

the result is to put it smack inthe sargasso sea. a highly polluted area...

which also, sadly, puts the island closer within the clutches of american faeltrekkers looking to invade and initiate an era of mass redundancy and unemployment amongst the young. drones are stealing jobs from postmen, for example



terms /legend / place names

very small strait between two landmasses - threat

from here on out i think the map itself should use exclusively or at least bilingual place names. including the geographic terms. so like "osborne strait" / " oxvron threat" or whatever (thats made up by the way) but they would both be there. or the native only.

can't find it but i believe new zeland or australia or something has a renaming act that promotes local names over english replacements. use that for inspo