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Writing and drawing are identical actions and the semiotics of both are the exploration that is this work— as a hypothetical and as guerrilla historical revisionism per se.

The art herein germinates where truth intersects with media. The lesson: how semiotics mold the future of individual agency and cogency. The revelation is how digital "truth" dissolves into the hyper-malleable and exponentially subjective. The beauty is the moment right before you arrived at your certainty of true or false. The point? Not to be found here.

Since 2008 I have formalized my cartography-based work and synthesized it with other interests (language, history, humanities, philosophy, politics etc) to enable a psycho-geographical doublethink. I use the iridescence of perspective as my point of divergence: the accepted fact or presumed nature of ...anything... (and its itinerant ideology!!) is mapped to an absurd reality with disputed borders. My medium is primarily the Internet but also leaked evidences: pseudo-archaeological "artifacts". Object, image, and word fuse in a self-reinforcing spectacle. This website takes its major graphical inspiration from online encyclopedias and the content is informed by an "artist's rendering" of empirical knowledge as experience.

Write me if you need comforting on any level: visitfaeland at gmail dot com

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