Andrea Tarquinú

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Andrea Tarquinú was born in Occo in 1929. He moved with his family to Cuinzio in 1935, and remained in Vhallonesia until his death by car accident in 1968.

His poetry of the late 1950's/early 1960's represented the breakthrough into modern literature in Vallonese. His poetry has been judged "among the best" of modern Faelish writing: "lucid...of great perception and affectation" with some calling him the greatest Vallo poet. He was a national romantic, but his works display "symptoms" of the syzygia, rendered as poetic idealism and love of homeland locked in combat with "a revulsion to [its] surreality and superficiality". Doubt and pessimism abound, a result of the clash between his powerful yet abyssal imagination coupled with disgust for the reality of the situation, political and total. Calling patriotism and participation "surreal, a joke, absurd...everyone knows none of this could ever be tangible". His poetry was commentary on the farce people lived in the Isles, the nature of his surroundings, which he often claimed were "made up, simulated, set pieces of some conjurer who wishes this island could be real".