Cader Born Tenson

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Statue of the poet in his hometown.

Cader Born Tenson (1888-1947) was a Faelish poet who wrote primarily in English and Faelish. He was born in Weznys.




There's an easy fog over the city today.
As lazy as a tropic. And just as itinerant.
Nothing can last.
As the building moves around me,
People stir and waken.
I enjoy some rough caffeine and
prepare for another day I hope is not my last.

"Object-Emotion Relation"

Object-Emotion Relation

I lost my bookmark
and I think I'm losing my woman,
and not by accident.
Reality unravels at the far end
faster than I can weave it here at the sighting.
And all this scratching I do is a timewaste.
Ripples of a depression-thing shuddering through me.
I told her how little confidence I have,
how very little. There is nothing inside me but
temperature. Everything that could define me lies
outside, and as the objects fly,
so do I.


"I disregard death so solemnly that I only ever conceive it in and for myself. I don't dare construct it as a possibility for loved ones. Lest I be its subject and owe it homage."