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Should also craete an overview page "Mountains of Faeland"

assuming we ever embark on shading to show relief vs current hypsometric tint and contour lines, colors on the ground could be freed up to designate topographical cover: i.e. "graphic representation of cultural and natural features on the ground", e.g. parkland, urban, industrial or military zones. not to speak of man-made structures...

The Rhomines (new name) - a bit of background for the "Highlands" of the Rhomines, a good description in short:


The above mountain is taller than mt ryan, and a good guage for future reference when selecting images and traits of mountains to be included. Faeland's highest point is 4,712' and this mount is 6,017' (1,834m). Significantly higher, and on a smaller landmass. So there.

for reference: 1000m = 3280.84'

range templates

notes on ranges (apply where apt, n.b. there are some other assigned ranges in the various articles. e.g. Aemili has I think the Sibilli range from Italy): (Rhomines) (westfald and west coast?) (passes) (Teraba Range) (Collian Range) (Aemili Mts) (a.k.a. Remei/Rimoyne (Fallo/English)

(Colhi Albini)

certain images here are suitable for sea-abutting mountains (Montes Xhulii) (Colhi Rubri) (Colhi Xhiaxri) (Colhi Plathiani)

(Colhi Achone)

(Aoláin Foothills)

(Vecoain Range)

(Lennoiain Range)

(Almuhr Highlands) -

the interior...midlands (and almuhr highlands) in roman and subroman era:

(Plaisian Mountains)

(Varnese Fores)

(Paedine Foothills)

(Vincennes Cordillera) - west of Paiulia

(Shoal Mountains)

(Fiorian Range)

(Agrion Mountains)

(Çernazh Foothills)

(Arxion Mountains) ramapos?

(The Scales) - near border with Lito, under chofer plateau

the single remaining active volcanic region of faeland, in the aroese i should think


Teraba Mountains....?..probably the shoal, actually no i like that...possibly the napenny

Northern Lennoiain Range (from The Dhíall to the River Chatillon); peaks up to 2,987'

Central Western Vecoain Range (in the Kingdom); containing Mt. Ryan at 4,712'

Southern Collian Range

  • xhulli (julian) RENAME

  • aemili mtns to Remei/Rimoyne (Fallo/English) Aadíriis / Ater (dark, gloomy, dismal)

cognate ranges

for the rhomines:

examples (8000 ft... little high)