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a name of a valaduran author, Jose Forges....and his book the Archaiology of Faels

Dr. Hemingstein the Philosopher...

historicals i'd like to use... (basically collected bios, no particular place) death by joe vs the volcano,_Earl_of_Tyrone resister to the encroachment of european style power-mongering in the era of the Nantes Crusade. i know the eras dont line up but this character was enthralled somehow, or perhaps a hostage from the Octarchies in bondage with crusaders. but otherwise pleas his peoples case and then helps lead a resistance. futile as they (germans) stay, but nevertheless a leader against the feudal yoke,_King_of_Scotland - viriduci character man who poses as a king for a few days & : a writing duo advocating "ahistory" and, ironically, an end to writing see: Talk:Faelish_Language#unwriting

father of the navy, started out as a dhielleen in service to ROyal Navy and eventually, well, you know: - supposedly a pirate, served as sgt in peninsular war, then general in various latin american revolutions

youngest soldier of war of independence: a soldier turned pirate turned hero... - a philosopher-king? crown vassal king that is. pull image. from wik: "was a Polish-American independent scholar who developed a field called general semantics, which he viewed as both distinct from, and more encompassing than, the field of semantics. He argued that human knowledge of the world is limited both by the human nervous system and the languages humans have developed, and thus no one can have direct access to reality, given that the most we can know is that which is filtered through the brain's responses to reality. His best known dictum is "The map is not the territory"." - freedom fighter during demesne - peasant leader - important "encyclopedist" and naval man...not sure how. maybe blended with great grandpa? - civil engineer pentapolese brother-generals? nephews of Syagrius II ? from a sacked city, last of his civilization. maybe one of the prehistoric peoples literary forger....seen as the father of his country (the faelish analog i mean) early life, father was interesting. perhaps as an ancestor of the Moriellu Clan - a roman tombstone in valania somewhere

^^ possibly related to AIZ:U-Gé_Gabriel_Riqueti,_comte_de_Mirabeau - The later discovery that starting in 1790 he was in the pay of the king and the Biscayne Co. occupiers of Faeland caused his disgrace. Historians are deeply split on whether he was a great leader who almost saved the nation from the (late 18th cent rebellions), or a venal demagogue lacking political or moral values, or a traitor in the pay of the enemy. (writings/ast puritan) (artist perhaps)

make an antithesis of this guy: - author of many travel books about Faeland, including "Vhaloña," my favorite

maybe a faelish writer who compiled some works??:,_Holy_Roman_Emperor#Personality (a faelish middle king...."Frederick's extensive concessions to German princes—which he made in the hopes of securing his base for his Italian projects—undid the political power of his predecessors and postponed German unity for centuries.")


native names LIST and images



ecco bouviax - leader of natives in time of roman invasion

name is good but the engraving would work well perhaps for demesne period

Vetarkian Herrikul


Count Vuseleves




Name Him Keep Him

Dionyzh Lebaton

Zezo (Sextus)







native names/toponyms

see also: Talk:Faelish_People#names for native names and conventions


mythical or legendary

cf.: Etan (goddess)

possibility for marcos

and J

black square savior...

for a late governor of demesne

spy in a war

story of the spy in san juan that i saw in el morro... turns out he was a nazi sympathizer later on:,_Jr.

famous actress

Faeland Valania Famous Actress.jpg

renowned as a quintessential faelish beauty....

A Valano-Englishman who serves in the military but helps begin the war for independence

Eric Andrea "Andy" Blair - redhead

he is from Victoria (but thats up for change) and of a faelish mother and english father. he serves in the military (his father is military and governor of....chofer castle? idk) but becomes disillusioned when he sees that his own people, far from what he has been led to believe - that they are ingrates and untrustworthy, corrupt and savage - are no different from any other ruled people anywhere in the empire. he serves overseas in Burma for a time and is appaled at the treatment of locals by other british officers (before this time he had hardly known any not serving in faeland, and for that matter many were half-breed faels anyway, and lesser ranks. this time he gets a taste of the aristocratic approach to colonial rule). on his return his virulently anti-empire and begins aiding trade unions as he sees them as obvious incubators of resistance. there is an apocryphal tale that he saved a burmese's life in the streets of Rangoon, and may have met Orwell in his time there and mentioned knowing a doctor _______ to him.

a philosopher

Dognesh - a misanthropic hermit who roamed the faelish plain, claiming to be descended "from mountains". he was renowned for comments on civilzation. claiming that only the lozri had managed anything "civilized" in all faelish cultures. he lived around 300CE

rebels & popular heroes/leaders shes part of a Axatut Maxume or a leader of a den, so to speak maybe he's leader of the cattrosian reds