Ciudá de Libertá

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Ciudá de Libertá is a city in Valaduria, Carpetania fuero; founded by peasants and workers in 1851 and named in homage to the Revolutions of 1848 in Europe. This was, of course, the period of British Demesne in Faeland and the "unsanctioned settlement" in what was then the Protectorate of Valaduria was besieged and razed by colonial forces within a year of its establishment. Despite this, settlers returned and the small town slowly grew as the century elapsed. New citizens came for the ample land available and the fresh, mountain air far from the cramped, industrial cities of the river valleys. In addition, unlike most towns of the Vincennes Basin, it was near the massive Lago Reina, a plentiful source of water for irrigation. Furthermore, it became renowned for its well-planned street system and organized approach to development, as many cities in the Basin are very old and built on the Spanish colonial model.