Emblem of Faeland

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Emblem of Faeland

The national emblem of Faeland was adopted by the newly formed federation on 10 April 1950. Although often referred to as a coat of arms, it is technically an emblem as it was not designed to conform to traditional heraldic rules. The emblem is used extensively by the General Government.

The decision to provide the new federation with an emblem was taken by the Directory of Gilbert Louis in April of 1949 (Chancellor of that year). The design was chosen by public competition, with the requirement that party political emblems were forbidden and that the design must be "inspired by a sense of the earth and consciousness, home and solidarity". The winner was Gianin Pesqueaux, Professor of Latin in Falcatta, and the design was presented in August of 1949, together with the other finalists, in an exhibition.


The emblem comprises a white five-pointed star, superimposed upon a shield of Faelish green, resting on a cogwheel of sky grey. The dominant element, of course, is the five-pointed star; a symbol of equality. The shield is representative of the right to self-determination and stewardship of the home, and the cogwheel of social justice.