Faelish Cultural Union

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The Faelish Cultural Union is an organization dedicated to preserving the cultural or environmental treasures of the entire Faelish geographic region regardless of ethnic heritage or state affiliation.

It has been closely associated with the Faeland Federal Party, an inter-state political organization that espouses constitutional reform to politically bind the various regions of Faeland closer together. The association stems from the genesis of that party among cultural figures who worked together in the FCU originally. There is no official connection, however, between the two organizations.

The Union owns many heritage properties, including historic houses and gardens, industrial monuments and social history sites as well as educational facilities, museums, and community centers. It is one of the largest independent educators in the V.F. and the only organization performing this service nationwide. It is one of the the largest membership organizations in the country and one of the largest charities by both income and assets. Most of its heritage properties are open to the public for free or a nominal charge.