Just Like I Remember You: A Love Story in Binary

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"Just Like I Remember You: A Love Story in Binary" is an unfinished novella written by Frank Ballast about reconstructing or cloning humans based on memory. Needless to say, this lacks substantial matter and doesn't work very well, even for an unfinished piece.


“It’s like I was out of the country for a couple days. You couldn’t get a visa, so I went alone. And now I’m back,” she said.

“It’s been 20 years for me,” he said. “Twenty years, you understand?”

She was called a Regenerate. She had been created from his memories. He thought with her back in his life he’d finally be happy. But it seemed that the memory and his heart weren’t communicating very well.

“Your memories are totally accurate,” said the scientist. He leaned back and his chair groaned in annoyance. “In fact everyone has perfect memories. For us it’s no more than scanning a document.”

The companies say that they are very good at the whole scanning thing.

“So, then,” asked the man, “why is it not working?”

“Well,” the scientist looked overly pensive, he folded his hands and placed them squarely on the desk, “I would say your ‘interpretation’ of your old flame doesn’t match what the memory-records illustrate.”

“Uh,” said the man.

“Yeah…" said the scientist.