Kingdom of Hesion

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The Kingdom of Hesion emerged in the 8th or early 7th century BCE in the area of modern Dartraig under the Macaneid Dynasty, who, according to legend, migrated to the region from the collapsed Viriducian lands. The tribe ruled by the Macaneids was itself called Hesioi.

The lands around Carraig, the Hesionic capital, were home to various peoples. According to legend, Coronos, accompanied by a multitude of followers, came to the area in search of a new homeland and built the city. Subsequently, he expelled other local kings and forged his new kingdom.

The kingdom was situated in the fertile coastal valleys, watered by the rivers Vannder and Fresstic, among others.

To the northeast of Hesion lay various quasi-tribal peoples with whom the Hesions were frequently in conflict. To the southwest lay the Galweal, with whose inhabitants the Hesions had much in common both culturally and politically, while to the east across the mountains lay the peoples of the midlands, with whom the kingdom had a peaceful relationship due to a common ethnicity.