Líon Neïjo

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Líon Neïjo was a poet and literary scholar born in the Pentapolis. He died in 1961

The poet Líon Neïjo elaborated on the concept in his article, The Roman Syzgia and the Faelish Question, published in two parts in Il Ossevatoro Filano in 1948, in which he posits that the polarity between the cities of Fhužin and Sânts-Nemhora can be interpreted as a microcosm of the tendency towards Balkanism in the Faelish Isles at large. In Neïjo's words: "An independent spirit tends to manifest political independence among all groups who are resident, while at the same time fuelling a passionate "closing of ranks" when any outsider threatens, which nevertheless disintegrates as soon as that foe has been eliminated." Due note should be made that "Roman" in this context refers to the inherited ancient culture of the Pentapolis, and not of the Romans themselves. The Latin Coast is the successor (if a region can be called so) to the Roman province.