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The Latin Coast

This article is about the cultural region, see also Federation of the Latin Coast - (Vhallonesia).

The Latin Coast is an ambiguous geo-linguistic term for the region of Faeland beyond and including the Aemili Mts and to some extent the North Face. The origin of the term is early modern and refers to Romance-speaking territory of both the historical Roman province of Gallia Maritima as well as peripheral regions which have since been heavily influenced by their culture. This can be misleading as Valaduria, at the other extreme of the island, has a very large Asturian-speaking population (which together withe the Coast is sometimes referred to as Latin or Romance Faeland).

Within academic and journalism circles the generic term "the North" has been gaining much currency in recent times, perhaps due to the uncertain meaning of Latin Coast.

See also

  • Pentapolis - the historical region roughly contiguous with the Latin Coast
  • Septimania - a historical coalition of seven cities within the Latin Coast during the Norse invasions; now constitute a cultural subdivision within the region

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