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MÈTANOTHNÍ are an electronic music duo from Fero.

In an interview, musician ___ ___ said the duo took their name from an experience during a hiking vacation in the province of Nothaní.

"We were thinking about the concepts behind Vian Ostheusen's deep map work, his project.* Of course while we were there I had brought along the book to read. It was surreal to be up in those mountains, very isolated but reading another man's thoughts... across time but in the same space. I wondered if that could be reversed: maybe our space was inverted and time itself was constant. It was trippy." ______ (the other member of the pair) said: "Yeah, ok, and this whole island is just a figment in someone's imagination. None of us is distinct. We are all characters based on one individual. Now, put the pipe down. Haha. We had a good laugh about it."