Marquies Sea

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The Marquies Sea (a corruption from Vallo "Mar Qies" - Tranquil Sea) or Mor Vhunol (Faelish: "Inner Sea"), (also known historically as Latin Bay during the British period), is a large, flooded caldera sea in northeastern Vhaloña, with a surface area of 2,247.81 square kilometers (867.88 sq miles). It drains a very large area that includes most of Vhallonesia and Falcatta, nearly 90% of the Latin Coast.

The sea contains five islands: . The largest, _______, divides the bay into northern and southern zones.


Marquies Sea, as it is called in English, derives from a corrupted translation of the Vallo name: Mar Qies, or Tranquil/Calm Sea. It's much older Faelish name Mor Vhunol translates as Inner Sea.