Republic of Dartraig

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The Republic of Dartraig was a proposed Faelish state in the north-western part of modern Ríocht Fíl from 1923 to 1926. The Republic of Dartraig was never officially proclaimed, but a central government of an embryonic state existed, though not occupying all the claimed areas. The Dartraig Faels rebelled primarily against the British Demesne during the war, under the leadership of Faelish and Irish nationalists based in Carraig. During the Provisional Alliance, the powers that be considered the creation of an autonomous state in Dartraig, most likely as part of a Federation against perceived British nationalist threats in the Gaól Plain region. Ultimately the settlement among the Member States did not include any plans for the Republic and the movement died out as the creation of the Crown Vassals allowed for an autonomous administrative division in Dartraig.