Second Faelish Civil War

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The flag of the republican combatants.
Valadurian fighters during the Second Civil War. The man in the foreground is believed to be Edgar Cittimeri.

The Second Faelish Civil War was a military conflict between monarchist and revolutionary-republican nationalist forces in the Republic of Faeland and the Valadurian Republic (there were lesser engagements as well in other Member States). The war lasted from 1951 to 1955 and indirectly led to the creation of the modern Kingdom of Faeland. Among conservatives the conflict is euphemistically referred to as The Restoration — at war's end Aodhán II issued his Sublime Edict, dissolving the Republic of Faeland and re-creating the ancient Vŭzel Herrien.

"The French infection [The Enlightenment] became naught more than a political bloodbath and cultural blanching of historical identities. This terrible rationalism is the very fabric of modern mob rule." - Ettil Richiiner, journalist and political theorist, from his op-ed piece which appeared in a pro-monarchist newspaper in 1950
The Second Civil War was fought mostly in the passes and foothills of the Colhani Mountains.
A soldier of a mixed armored brigade. The yellow star painted on the tank indicates he is a Faelish republican.