Sindaco Principale

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The Syndaco Principale (English: First Justice) is the presiding member of the six-member Syndacato or Executive Council, Pentapoli's executive branch. Composed of the Syndachi of the Agri and Litori, the Syndaco Principale chairs the meetings of the Executive Council and undertakes special representational duties. Primus inter pares, the SP has no powers above the other Syndachi and continues to head his or her Land or Shore. Traditionally the duty rotates among the members in order of seniority and the previous year's Vice Syndaco becomes Syndaco Principale.

As first among equals, the Executive Council member serving as Syndaco Principale is not considered the Pentapolese head of state. Rather, the entire Executive Council is considered a "collective head of state".


The Syndaco (from the late Latin syndĭcus, in turn derived from the greek σύνδικος, 'patron', consisting of σύν, 'with, together', and δίκη, 'justice') was the ancient Greek and Roman term for an external representative of a community. The title was later used in the Middle Ages to designate officials with various powers, usually involving the representation of a city, a town or community in order to protect the interests of the people or to monitor certain officials— warring juntas were frequent, and absentee tyrants left civil rule to legates.