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The Style Guide is a style guide for all articles, which covers certain style topics (such as use of Common Era instead of the traditional Anno Domini) in full, and presents the key points of others.

Article Titles

  • Use "title case", not "sentence case"; that is, the initial letter of all words in a title are capitalized
  • The final visible character should not be a punctuation mark unless it is part of a name. E.g. V.F.


Rivers are always named River first, name second. E.g. River Raebigho.


Categories shall be written inside the wiki as [[Category: Category_Name]]; i.e. space between category and category name.

Regions vs. Countries

Categories relating to a specific country shall be written using the long form of the country's name to avoid confusion with similarly named geographic regions. (e.g. Pentapolis vs Federation of the Latin Coast; Valaduria vs. Caudian Republic; etc.)


Subsections of any article shall start with Level 2. E.g.: ==Section==