Taco Night (with jazz and scotch and humidity)

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"Taco Night (with jazz and scotch and humidity)" is a piece of flash fiction written by Frank Ballast about immigration and immobility. Mr. Ballast reports that he was inspired to write it when observing a naturalized friend of his indulging in what he terms "blatant Americanism." It is widely assumed he means overconsumption. Elsewhere in the room that night someone supposedly said "his eyes are bigger than his stomach".

The Story

Self-rising individualist empires stacked of documentation. The man rose for a ninth serving of American.

Arm outstretched in mock terror: “Don’t do it!” I shout.

“It’s OK,” he leans back in sludging, dragging motion. “I can walk.” And I suddenly feel all of us are bound. Right to the floor.