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"all harbors are always open for invaders"

image source. video clip from documentary "Red Army" showing people-powered tanks and planes. clips of this should be used to discuss early development of military in the 30s. here at 4' 30"

Eleven Nation Army

hand to hand


weapons: also the hoe and staffs. farming and herding implements trained for battle. see also sail éille (club)

template image to draw 17th cent Regulars

Faelish regulars of the 17th century.jpg




  • "Army" - the leather boots, maroon trousers, t-shirt, woodland camo light tunic
    • Officers, black boots, black trousers, grey shirt, black trench coat, black garrison cap
    • cavalry
  • "navy" - black leather boots, sea boots, grey green trousers, OD Commando sweater, navy pea coat 3 quarter length, wool skull cap
  • "airmen" - black boots, maroon trousers, t-shirt, commando sweater OD, brown collarless leather jacket

regimental regalia

tunic buttons


rank insignia

national defenses

theres like an amalgam army of different forces. thats the standing army..... but then theres also the large scale conscript force. the federate citizenry, as a republic, all citizens mobilized:

might need to move the air raid article note to here as well. german shit from wwii. flak towers.

grand strategy

Faelish grand strategy.png


governmental structure was designed in such a way that the people were supposed to play an important role in maintaining political power of military force @ 58 mins

blockhouses of the colonial era

citizen armies of Riocht

citizen flotillas (naval militia)


historical units's_Battalion


typical vessel:

Faeland Valania faelish navy submarine service.jpg
FV Jason, moored at Morgan's Break.
Original faelish navy patrol vessel ca 1959.jpg
Faelish naval vessel.jpg
Faelish undersea service in drydock.jpg

The city of Cohlmor in the west of Faeland has the headquarters of the fleets. admiralty...


  • ship named after Fioria region....
  • Black Joak
  • Weapon of (town name)
  • SS Plunger


an agency tasked with surveying/charting coasts but also regulation and defenses.

units and organization

particular units

the "Red Hand"

bike corps/bike cavalry


Female Archers in history, as mountain unit or cavalry unit?

recruiting areas

cool map showing hunting ground for various units.


air base in aroes

perhaps from an old RAF station used during WWII to track subs during battle of the atlantic.

there should be an opposite number on the east coast somewhere. perhaps in the "Naze" or sebastapol faaact seeing as Lito were the original source, perhaps they had built at least a few air stations of their own. along the shore and at least one in the vinesene. as for the transfer, the FAC bases would be made Federation Territories, with the exception of the one located in Aroese soil, so that the DRA does not have to appear to be sending troops into sovereign states.

weapons and armors

standard arms issued to fighters:

"wonder" weapons - how do they work? ICP


ancient religious armor

thought to capture the sky and other spirits and invigorate the warrior


plastic bags

had an idea for plastic bag drones. not sure where i wrote it down. look it up. might be in commonplace v --chullachaqui 13:57, 20 June 2016 (EDT)