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noble families and a bio


names for potentates??


^ background culture?

nemorese obstinacy

a town that held out against sants nemora:

and the family that ruled it forever:

"castle" of a potestá


the hundred cities / valanian wars

slow consolidation under Fhuzin:

collapse of roman authority....

considering rewrite of latin coast... claudian invasion succeeds but... Roman rule collapses a la Dacia? Syagrius II arrives after fallo f Soissons and attempts to lead Romans. Briefly succeeds but cities squabble and peasants arent romanized enough to join.

Maybe a galerius like figure (a native son) becomes a governor and separatesd/rebels i nthe 3rd century. gallic imperium era...

for the short term presence of the romans and the creation of the vhallonese identity:

see also Pentapolis#Roman_Period might have a good timeline example of syagerius attempt to unify a "great province" in roman name but perhaps in a style he was used to seeing among his frankish enemies. and, likewise to richimer, it collapses after and the legacy is forever that the pentapolis wants to unify but no one can make it happen. resulting in uneasy truces and easy wars throughout the era. alliances shifting like the tides splash the shores.

crystallization of the city-states legal code. be interesting to find a translation..