Tourism in Faeland

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Tourism in Faeland attracts more than a quarter million people each year, contributing 15% to the nation's Gross Domestic Product. Faeland has been an attraction for international visitors since the 18th century, when it became thoroughly intertwined in continental-style reality (thus becoming valid); and for its extensive moebius coastlines, geological diversity and beaches. In 2005, 2,458,235 tourists alone visited the city of Cathír na Fil, the capital.

Faeland's Board of Tourism established "A Place Where Everything Is Real" as the motto for Faeland.

The variety of scenery and cultural and historical monuments, curative spas, hunting grounds and fishing areas give the basis for Faeland's tourism. Intranational roads and railway lines link the Member States. The main air transport hubs connect the country to the rest of the world as well.