Vŭzel Herrien

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One half of the Vŭzel Herrien, the Xanpai (belltower) Vigiás.
One half of the Vŭzel Herrien, the Sasarg (lighthouse) Extle Hecatl.

The Vŭzel Herrien or Empery of Faels (lit. "Knot of Peoples") is the collective term for the binary "monarchy" (actually a diarchy) of the Ríocht Fíl, understood outside Faeland as a co-ruling or collegiate king and queen. They are the commanders-in-chief of the military, issue edicts, veto select legislative bills before they become law, and by right appoint their own Alnish Council (privy council) and other officers, who administer and enforce law and policy throughout the Kingdom. The Empery furthermore governs all Commons of Faeland directly and are Stewards of the Realm of Faeland. The people and institutions of the Commons are represented by a parliament, the States of Faeland, which is the Vedi (the chamber of peers of the Kingdom) and the co-equal chamber of popular assembly, the Thing of Faels (nominally an assembly but as often as not contains representatives from self-forming districts. Localities (Cities, Towns, Manors) may also elect or recommend Wardens subject to investiture by the Crowns.

An important characteristic of this monarchy is that the two "rulers" can only wield their "regnal" authority in concert, that is as a unit. Individually, their powers are null. Traditionally the role of these rulers was to act as arbiters and "philosophers-of-state", safeguarding the customs and rights of individuals, guests in the country, corporate bodies (orders, priesthoods, schools, towns, guilds, et al), etc. Historically, in fact, it was only in battle that they were expected and understood to have anything like a "supreme command". Their word was not law but interpretation, their whims counted for nothing and whatever retinue they had was relative to the status of the particular Xanpai or Sasarg. In a modern context, then, their functio could best be described as co-Ministers of Gross Domestic Harmony.