Valania (personification)

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For other uses, see Valania (disambiguation).

Valania as a national personification representing Faeland (the entire island) has appeared in numerous political cartoons, art and drawings, mostly since in the nineteenth century.

Depictions on federal currency and postage

Although the archetypical image of Valania seated on a sella first appeared on Roman bronze coins of the 1st century AD struck under Hadrian, Valania's first appearance on Faelish coinage was on the English coins minted in the 1690s. The figure of Valania was said by Shane Polish to have been modeled on Roman Victoria. The famous coin "Valania sitting looking off the Coaste" (sic) was issued in Lito during the Napoleonic Wars, possibly in fear of a French invasion. Valania has since also appeared on Faeland's currency and coinage.