Estato Cautillo

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Estato Cautillo
Castle State
Faeland Valania Flag of Cautillo.png
Cautillo in Faeland
Modern Cautillo
Capital: El Cautillo de Santiago de Fuelaterra
Official Language: Valegón
Demonym: ????
Government: Parliamentary Principality
Bishop: Prime Minister of Lito:
Last Election: March 5, 2003
Independence:Current Constitution: 19__
Total: ## km²
## sq. mi.
Water (%): 5.3
2009 Estimate: 35,789
2006 Census 35,167
Currency: Euro
Time Zone: UTC+2

Estato Cautillo is a small foral in southern Vhaloña, situated atop a spur of the Rhomine Mountains. It is a landlocked country, completely surrounded by Valaduria. Its capital is El Cautillo de Santiago de Fuelaterra (The Castle of St. James of Faeland), often called simply Cautillo or Santiago. Its territory is the land immediately around the city walls, which extend from the castle proper and enclose the peak of Mt. St. James.

The City of Santiago looking NE.

The castle was erected in 1499, and sovereignty is shared between the local bishop and the King of Faeland (although there is some contention that the Prime Minister of Lito holds the other claim). It is a prosperous country mainly because of its tourism industry, which services an estimated 1.9 million visitors annually, most of whom are Iberians and Faels, and also because of its status as a tax haven.


The city of Santiago grew slowly around the castle and was in the historical record shortly after Porto Viga's foundation, and has had a rivalry for pre-eminence among the Valadurian cities ever since. As such, following the war of independence when various states were declaring themselves independent, the Castle chose not to join the Valadurian Republic.

The unique condominium of the state is rooted in a dynastic problem from the city's feudal past. During the period when the British ruled the entirety of the island, the lord of the castle -the Duke of Santiago- died without an heir. The Bishop of Santiago assumed stewardship, but called on the English Duke of Faeland to be co-sovereign and protect the principality from Porto Viga. With the expulsion of the British peerage in the Isles, suzerainty passed to the Faelish monarch, who is Prince in Cautillo.


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