The Shore

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The Shore north of Fhendiac Bay

The Shore refers to a geological and cultural region comprised of the southeastern coastline of the island of Faeland. The geography of The Shore is highly varied and defined by shared geological factors, from coastal lowlands to barren cliffs and a high mountain range (the Teraba, part of the Fhendiac Escarpment) separating it from the Vincennes Basin to the west.

Cultural definition of The Shore in red.

The cultural region extends not past the mountain range on the north and down into the Vinesene Archipelago in the south and north just past the Chofer Plateau. It has long been populated and is home to several English-speaking cities, chief among which are Georgetown and New Norwich.

Geographic Definition

Geological definition of The Shore in blue.

The geographical limits of The Shore are distinguishable for the facing mountain ranges of the Fhendiac Escarpment which provide much fresh water to the narrow coastal plain. While the soil is rocky and ill-suited to farming, ranching sheep and goats remains a major activity. Due to the igneous rock, many minerals are to be found in the region, principally iron. It is approximately coterminous with Lito and Valaduria, minus the Vincennes Basin.

The shore comes to an end at Cape Turumond.

Cities located in The Shore

There are many English-speaking settlements in The Shore, as well as a handful of Valadurian, New Norwicher and Faelish cities.