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Pop. density by internal administrative area.

The Demography of Faeland includes all aspects of population, past and present, in the area of the Faelish Isles. Faeland has a population of 8,295,000 (initial results of 2009 Census). The population growth rate in 2011 was estimated as 0.3% per annum according to the 2011 Annual Review.

Census data is collected from all parts of Faeland every ten years. The Directory is responsible for collecting the data from each state within the Federation. How and when the individual states conduct their censuses varies, but all data submitted to the General Government must be the most recent information available.

The demography of the Valanian Federate is monitored by the General Government. The population of Faeland is approximately 8,040,756.

Within Faeland, there is a long history of colonization and miscegenation, primarily due to European belligerence. Since independence, there has been a gradual population shift to the major cities along the coasts, with the notable exception of Cathír na Fil, which has grown steadily as the nation's capital.

National Identity

A question on national identity was asked in the last census: "What do you feel is your national identity?". Respondents could identify themselves as having more than one national identity.

According to data:

68% identified themselves as '(Member State) only' - e.g. Valegón, Vhallonese, Dhialleen, etc.

21% identified themselves as 'Faelish/Faelander' and '(Member State)'

9% identified themselves as 'Faelander only'

.01% identified themselves as 'Faelander' together with a non-Faelish identity.

the remainder chose other national identities.


Main article: Religion in Faeland

File:Faeland Religion in the 2004 census.png
Majority religions by municipality, 2004.

The statistics from the 2004 census and the current census are set out below.

Current religion 2004 2014
Number % Number %
Vianism 6,412,032 62.4 6,450,201 63.8
Roman Catholicism 1,651,327 21.7 1,438,627 21.09
Bokononism 147,032 1.3 147,654 1.37
Christism 547,032 2.9 546,951 3
Judaism 54,032 .04 53,201 .04

Major Metropolitan Regions of Faeland

Faeland has varying definitions for metropolitan status depending on the member state. As of 2007 there are 25 cities with a population equal to or greater than 100,000.

City name Location Description Population Largest nationalities Largest non-citizen ethnic groups
Sânts-Nemhora 80px Sânts-Nemhora is the capital and largest city of the Republica Falcatta. It is officially the oldest city in Faeland. 300,000 Vallons Faels, Bretons