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The Diet of Faeland, less appetizing than it really is.

The Diet is the federal parliament of Faeland. It is made up of two chambers; the Federal Assembly has 100 seats, and the Federal Council has 22 seats. Seats on the Council are assigned two per Member State, whereas the Assembly are allotted proportionally to the States according to population.

The Diet possesses the general government's limited legislative power, along with the separate constitutional right of citizen's initiative. For a law to pass, it must be ratified by both houses. The Diet may come together/sit as a single legislature in certain circumstances, including to arbitrate in the event of conflicts between federal authorities or States, issue pardons, receive heads of state (foreign and domestic), to elect the members of the Directory and Federal Chancellor and Vice Chancellor, as well as federal judges.

Parties can cooperate in groups, allowing smaller parties access to rights as part of a larger voting caucus. These groups must have at least five members and must be maintained across both chambers. Being a member of a formal group gives members the right to sit on committees, and those that aren't members can't speak in most debates.


The Diet of Faeland in session.

The Diet is composed of two chambers:

  • the Federal Assembly, with 100 seats
  • the Federal Council, with 22 seats.

Seats in the Federal Assembly are allocated to the Member States proportionally, based on population. In the Federal Council, every state has two seats.

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