Faelish National Anthem

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The Faelish National Anthem is the national anthem of Faeland and has many versions. Known as "The Song", it was composed in ancient times and its author is not known. It appears to take the form of a song-and-response from two tribes or bands of warriors to each other across a battlefield. There are also modern renditions featuring orchestral accompaniment, choral singing, altered lyrics, and completely different titles. Of these, Valania, tis for thee is the most often heard in public ceremonies.


O Alnia, tis for thee (anthem)

O Alnia, Tis For Thee (listen)

Strong and easeful, nice and grave,
Fighting the fight for the whole world to save,
We the people will ceaselessly strive
To keep our great'r evolution alive!
Unfurl the banners! Look at the screen!
Never before has such glory been seen!

O see Alnia! O see Alnia! O see Alnia, 'tis for thee!

National Aria


Traditional Song



The following is the only known recording of the anthem in its traditional form:

From a loose and poorly reconstructed translation in English by a Walter Pyle, Esq., Scottish inventor and planter-settler during the Demesne period, when much local culture was forgotten or intentionally wiped out.

And now all the thunder-matchers descend from high.
We dedicate our singings and spearings to this. 

Warriors are we,
whose lives are pledged to rapine,

Some have come
From a land beyond the wave,
Sworn to be free, but we ate them.

They settled, mud in your hair, choking...
with our armaments bared we clothed shields. 

Not soon will our ancient sires
lust at slavery or slaver.

From the lee of the wall 
comes clang and chariot 
here come loose the hounds 
to tear ye down. 

o the time is ticking, clouds your eyes 
as you climb up will, forest and fen. 

your arms full of riches, phasmids and wine 
your souls wrapped within echoes and feints.