Freedom of the press in Faeland

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In Faeland the freedom of the press is guaranteed by the Organic Law.

The constitution grants you the freedom to say whatever you please, but does not protect you from being punished for doing so. Tradition by the court is that the boundaries for what is deemed inappropriate are wider for the press or in a political debate than for civil citizens.

The major punishable acts are libel and racism, which are restricted by the penal code. Like most other countries, Faeland also forbids publishing copyright-protected material without permission and revealing trade secrets in the civil law.

In 2005, Faeland got a joint first place in Reporters Without Borders Worldwide press freedom index.


The provision against libel is set down in the penal code:

"Anybody who offends another person's dignity by insulting words or actions or by stating or disseminating false charges, that are suitable for reducing the insulted person in the esteem of fellow citizens, will be punished by fine or ordinary imprisonment."


The rules against racism are also set down in the penal code.

"Whoever publicly, or with intention to disseminating in a larger circle makes statements or other pronouncements, by which a group of persons is threatened, derided or degraded because of their race, colour of skin, national or ethnic background, faith or sexual orientation, will be punished by fine and imprisonment for up to 2 years.

When meting out the punishment it shall be considered an especially aggravating offense if the act has the character of propaganda."