Lesre of Faeland

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Parks in Faeland

The Lesre of Faeland (lesre: (Faelish usage) "sovereign forest") are areas of relatively undeveloped and scenic landscape that are designated under the Lesre and Countryside Act 1969. Despite their similar names, "national parks" in Faeland are quite different from national parks in many other countries, which are usually owned and managed by the government as a protected community resource, and which do not usually include permanent human communities. In Faeland, designation as a park/conservation/preserve may entail substantial settlements and human land uses which are often integral parts of the landscape, and land within a national park may or may not remain largely in private ownership, although usage of the land is severely curtailed by law.

The term lesre (sing. and pl.) is an archaic Faelish word of Bergonian origin which has no precise English translation. In Faelish, it can mean home, place, country, land, locale, environ, zone, community, unit, system, and -very rarely- state.

Within Faeland, lesre vary by statutory law. These are:

  • Federal Parks, which may or may not include restricted internal human habitation and allow camping and other such activities in the natural places.*
  • Federal Conservations, which may or may not include enclaves of habitation, but generally allow a more restricted human traffic limited to scientific study, non-mechanized recreation, and regulated hunting.
  • Preserves, which curtail almost all human utility and, in many cases, are attempts to let nature restore itself to create healthy ecosystems. Typically, preserves are the youngest of the lesre; established to roll back the negative impact of human overuse or exploitation of an area.

Although some remote communities and farmers have complained, none of the Lesre are fenced, in order that animals may migrate freely. Where predatory animals venture out of restricted areas and endanger humans and/or farm animals, hunting is permitted.

*Parks should not be confused with Federal Sites, which are cultural/historical in nature, and administered by the Ministry of the Insides.

List of Lesre

There are currently more than 30 lesre in Faeland and the Corioles. Each lesre is operated by its own lesre authority, with two main tasks:

  • to preserve and enhance the natural wildlife, beauty and cultural heritage (if any) of the area, and
  • to promote opportunities for the education about and enjoyment of the lesre's special qualities by the public, where applicable and not in conflict with the primary task.